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solo dance performance


The main topic of this piece is Separation Without Proper Goodbye, also about Time. I created this solo performance Dead/Line as an occasion to say goodbye to each friend of mine in Germany. In this piece, I speak my personal stories in the context of the global Corona pandemie, which is associated with personal experience that I was not able to go home for 2 years, while my grandma’s hope to live is to see me again. The symbolic vanitas objects such as flower, bridge and sandglass in ancient Chinese myth were interwoven into the storytelling. 


As the title is shown, the concept of the choreography is about “lines” on body and space. The performance starts with the dance of “Lifeline” on my hand, then it gets extended into the space from near to far. The audience will be guided to see the space through my body lines and movements. In addition, lines are also the borders. The space such as the hotel, bridge, graveyard is seen as a border and coordinated with the image that my body is stuck in a non-space, the “Deadline”. 

Premiere : 2021 MINDESTABSTAND-OPEN-AIR im Nassauischen Kunstverein Wiesbaden

other showings : 2023 Nearly Close Enough to Kiss festival in Marburg by Theater neben dem Turm 

photo credit : Anna Bobrovskaia

photo credit : Georg Kronenberg

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