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Music : aespa-Hold On Tight 
Original choreo video link :


K-pop dance workshop 
Theatermaschine 23 Festival Giessen


Time : 15:30-17:00, June 4th, 2023

Location : Open Studio Stadttheater Gießen 

address: Bahnhofstr.9, 35390, Gießen














Heyyyy, in this workshop, we will do a K-pop dance cover together! Beginner-friendly! 


In the warm-up session, we will stretch-up and use the different body parts to do some basic movements, which always appear in K-pop music videos. Then we will learn one “killing part” of the choreography from K-pop dance clips.


My method is to learn each movement separately and then dance with the music from 0.5 speed to full speed. In this process, we can clearly feel which part of our body is moving and motivating the other part of the body to move. Definitely, we will add our unique facial expressions to show personal styles !


I think “dance cover” doesn’t mean “dance copy”, we are not required to dance exactly the same as K-pop dancers do. Feel invited by this culture and explore your own way to dance!


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